"Pedal-less" Bicycles
for Special Needs Children and Adults
Bikes for Seniors
Are you a senior, or do you know of one, whose lack of balance prevents you from getting around on a traditional bike? Do you need a fun and easy way to get around? Our JoRide bikes for seniors have received rave review by senior citizens whose balancing skills have declined as they’ve aged. Our bikes for seniors are also a good alternative to a car, and a more environmentally friendly way to get around. Our bikes for seniors take the monotony, sweat and time out of walking so that seniors can travel further, carry more and get good exercise all at the same time. They’re a real conversation starter too.

At JoRide, we’re proud of our ability to get underrepresented populations, including seniors, biking again. We have partnered with The Center for Enriched Living, NSSED, NSSRA, Autism Speaks, and many other public and private programs, including Therapeutic day programs, to help those who wouldn’t normally be able to bike get back on a bicycle. Don’t let declining balance get in the way of your biking enjoyment. Get back on two wheels with a JoRide bike for seniors.

If you are interested in our adapted bikes for seniors, please contact Steven Cohen at 630-258-2543 for more information.