"Pedal-less" Bicycles
for Special Needs Children and Adults
JoRide Bicycles Frequently Asked Questions
  • What is the goal of JoRide Bicycles?
    The aim of the JoRide Bicycles is to equip each rider, regardless of age or physical limitation, with the ability, freedom, independence, comfort, and stability to learn how to ride a bicycle.

  • Does JoRide Bicycles offer or run bicycle programs for individuals with special needs?

    JoRide Bicycles does not run bicycles programs but will assist in the creation and implementation of a program that will offer bicycles to individuals with special needs.

  • What you would like the members of the program to achieve?
    The beauty of the JoRide Walk / Ride Bicycle is that each rider naturally gains increasing control over their balance and coasting capabilities the more time they spend on the bike. Once they’ve mastered these basics, they’ll have achieved the required skill competency to step up to a traditional pedal bike. 
  • What will you need and what you will provide?
    The number of individuals who elect to partake in the JoRide Bicycle Program will determine how many staff members will be needed. JoRide bicycles and helmets will be provided for the participants to sample. Once the activity has been permanently set in place, each location offering the program will have access to JoRide bikes. 
  • How many participants would you like to have (or is there a limit)?  
    There is no limit on the number of individual who can partake in the JoRide Bicycle Program. All who want to ride are welcome, and the more the merrier. I would like to see as many as possible desirous of achieving bike-riding mastery.
  • How many staff or volunteers do you think you would need?
    I do not envision many staff workers being needed for this activity to be implemented. The exact number, of course, will all depend on how many riders sign up for the program. 
  • What would happen during the program? Would members ride the bikes, teach others to ride, learn from you? Would you demonstrate? Would Joey, your son and inspiration behind the JoRide bike, come in to demonstrate? 
    The bikes will come fully ready for use. I would expect the first group of riders to share what they have learned with new riders. It would be great to see those who have mastered the JoRide bike help others attain the same level of mastery. In fact, this skill-sharing would add another confidence-building element to the program. Participants can rest assured that in addition to assisting staff, I will always be available to share my instructional know-how with them. I would also gladly volunteer my son or myself as demonstrators on how to ride the JoRide bikes properly.
  • Would you be available every week, or just the first week or alternating weeks? 
    My aim is to be available as often as needed, bearing in mind that my weekends and nights are typically devoted to my family. During normal business hours, however, I am more than willing to give as much of my time as possible to help this program grow and attain success. Thus far, JoRiding has been met with a very positive response. Based on such feedback, I am confident it will prove a great addition to any organization.
  • Any other information that you think would be enticing to our current members who may be nervous about starting a new bicycling program?
    I would tell them there is nothing at all to be nervous or concerned about regarding the JoRide Bicycle Program. Except when they are coasting, the riders are never moving faster than a walking pace. What’s more, they are wearing protective headgear.