"Pedal-less" Bicycles
for Special Needs Children and Adults
About Us
Over the past couple of years, I have tried in vain to teach my autistic son Joey how to ride a standard pedal bicycle. After knocking his legs into the pedals time and time again, he, not surprisingly, lost interest. Meanwhile, he still desperately yearned to be able to go riding with his siblings and peers. For years, I have pulled Joey around in a Burley (a pull-behind bicycle trailer for children). That way, he was at least able to come along with the rest of the family, but he didnít receive any exercise in the process. Now eleven years old and too large to fit in a Burley, I thought his bicycle days were over. Thatís when I began tinkering with his bike. The modified version I came up with was the prototype for JoRide. And thanks to his own JoRide, Joey no longer takes a passive backseat in the Burley. He loves to actively ride just like other children, and he is content for HOURS just watching the movement of the wheels that he is accomplishing all by himself.

JoRiding has provided my son Joey with balance skills as well as newfound confidence and independence. It can accomplish the same benefits for any rider. Perhaps even more importantly, it helps individuals who have previously felt left out because they couldnít ride a typical two-wheel bike get on one and immediately get moving with others. In addition, JoRide promotes fitness and can be used in adaptive physical education classes as well as assist with occupational therapy.

At this time, via partnerships with The Center for Enriched Living, NSSED, NSSRA, Autism Speaks, and many other public and private schools, including Therapeutic day programs, we have thousands of riders and our ranks are growing rapidly.

Steven Cohen
Founder, JoRide Bicycles
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