"Pedal-less" Bicycles
for Special Needs Children and Adults
Autistic Bike
Do you know someone who is autistic or has Aspergerís syndrome who is missing out on the joys of bike riding because he or she canít manage a traditional two-wheel bicycle? The JoRide autistic bike can help him or her reclaim that exhilaration and fun. Designed specifically with a child who has autism in mind, our autistic bikes give current non-riders the confidence and independence theyíre craving without making them feel as though they are different from their peers.

For all these reasons, The Center for Enriched Living, NSSED, NSSRA, Autism Speaks, and other public and private schools, including Therapeutic day programs, just to name a few, have entered into a partnership with JoRide autistic bikes. We currently have thousands of autistic riders and our ranks are growing rapidly.

If you are interested in autistic bikes and bicycles for other special needs, please contact Steven Cohen at 630-258-2543 for more information.