"Pedal-less" Bicycles
for Special Needs Children and Adults
JoRide Bikes - Autism Digest - June 2011 Issue
They're named after the inventors's son who has autism - Joey - so they're called JoRide Bicycles, but they could have been called joy-to-ride. For our children with autism who desperately desire to enjoy the simple pleasure of riding a bicycle, yet experience nothing but failure with typical bicycles... JoRide is a solution worth exploring.

JoRide bicycles are just like any other bike, but they don't have pedals. They're designed to let the rider's feet freely touch the ground without interference from protruding pedals. This gives the rider stability and enables the bike to be propelled forward as the child pushes with his feet. He can control the bike's speed and then enjoy the ride, as he glides along. With just a little guidance, children learn the balance and skills needed to enjoy their bike independently.

Visit JoRide.com to learn about the bicycles and their cost. Take time to watch videos of children riding the bikes and listen to an interview with founder and dad Steven Cohen telling the JoRide story.

Visit the Autism Speaks website for more information.
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